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The best possible recording is one of the most important factors of every audio production. We can record your voice or any instrument you can think of. There are multiple acoustic spaces and a lot of high-quality gear to choose from. Paired with years of experience, we are prepared for any recording idea.

Example 1: Drum recording
Blackhole Music & Productions Shure SM7B Aufnahmen

Mixing & Mastering

You've written a great song and recorded it yourself? Then there is only one more step to make to get a great sounding end result.

We are mixing with a great combination of analog hardware gear and precise digital plugin tools to help you get the sound in your head. We love working closely with our clients, so in the end everybody is happy with their songs.

You can listen to some of our finished projects over here.

Blackhole Music & Productions Rocktron RX2H Mixing und Mastering


We can help you, if you feel like you are getting stuck with making music or you struggle to get your songs out there in the heads of your fans.

Professional support is often needed  to keep the songwriting focused or not to waste time in the studio.

There is also a record label next door, that we are working with to get your music heard!

Blackhole Music & Productions API Lunchbox Produktion


We are offering custom compositions and arrangements for multiple styles of music and for every use you can think of. For example: Background music for video games or video production, music on hold, songwriting for solo vocalists or music clips for radio plays or podcasts.

Example 1: music for a video game
Example 2: a song with acoustic guitar, prepared for vocal recording
Blackhole Music & Productions Gitarren Komposition


Reamping is a modern method to achieve your perfect guitar- or bass-tone using a supplied DI-track. But it is also interesting to do FX-recordings with vocals, synths or drums and percussion. The perfect way to add some texture to your production with our versatile and specialised tools.

Blackhole Music & Productions ENGL e850 Rackhead Reamping


We can help with the editing of any audio material:

  • cutting and compiling speech recordings
  • pitch- and timing-correction of vocal recordings
  • editing the timing of a music recording to a tempo grid
  • noise reduction and enhancing of archive material
Blackhole Music & Productions Schreibtisch Editieren

Live Sound

We'll help you with anything regarding your live concerts:

  • technical preparations, planning and optimization
  • Front-of-House sound engineering
  • set-up and tear-down
  • live recording
  • optimization of rehearsal spaces


We are offering private and group lessons for musicians and producers starting out. Some of the possible main topics are:

  • guitar lessons
  • introduction to audio production for your homerecording
  • studio planning, incl. cabling and acoustic treatment
  • mixing and mastering
  • sounddesign with analog synthesizers
  • ... and everything else you want to know about
Eurorack Modular System @ Blackhole Music & Productions

Audio File Processing

In cooperation with TheAudioHunt.com, we are offering our studio gear for the processing of your tracks and ideas. This way you can use some great pieces of equipment without breaking the bank.


Blackhole Music & Productions @ TheAudioHunt

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